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  • Thu, April 02, 2020 1:03 PM | Mary Speed Lynch (Administrator)

  • Wed, April 01, 2020 11:00 AM | Mary Speed Lynch (Administrator)

    Governor McMaster put out his latest executive order yesterday afternoon ( Mar. 31)   There was no “shelter-in place” order, but he did share a list of non-essential businesses that would be effected. The list is included in the attached order but for ease , it is also listed below  The Governor has stopped short of a shelter in place order because he feels most folks are already staying home.   It is changing quite quickly so what we hear at noon may not be what happens at five.

     Entertainment venues:

    (1) Night clubs

    (2) Bowling alleys

    (3) Arcades

    (4) Concert venues

    (5) Theaters, auditoriums, and performing arts centers

    (6) Tourist attractions (including museums and planetariums)

    (7) Racetracks

    (8) Indoor children’s play areas

    (9) Adult entertainment venues

    (10) Casinos

    (11) Bingo halls

    (12) Venues operated by social clubs


    Athletic facilities and activities:

    (1) Fitness centers and commercial gyms

    (2) Spas and public or commercial swimming pools

    (3) Yoga, barre, and spin facilities

    (4) Spectator sports

    (5) Sports that involve interaction with another person of closer than 6 feet

    (6) Activities that require use of shared sporting apparatus and equipment

    (7) Activities on commercial or public playground equipment

     Close-contact service providers:

    (1) Barber shops

    (2) Hair salons

    (3) Waxing salons

    (4) Threading salons

    (5) Nail salons and spas

    (6) Body-art facilities and tattoo services

    (7) Tanning salons

    (8) Massage-therapy establishments and massage services

    2020 Apr CV Gov Exec order.pdf

  • Fri, February 07, 2020 2:22 PM | Mary Speed Lynch (Administrator)

    HBA of SC is working hard for you!


    As we begin the 2nd year of the 2019-2020 legislative session we continue to monitor hundreds of bills and fight to protect the home building industry. While we are working to pass a number of bills, these are our top priorities:


    Business License Reform

    The HBASC and our trade association partners have worked for years to improve the business license environment in South Carolina. Our members have expressed significant concerns with the current system, and approved this issue as the HBASC's number one priority last session. Rep. Jay Jordan from Florence introduced H.4431 that includes many changes to the current business license tax system that provides more than $300 million annually to county and local municipalities. This bill would help provide responsible reform to a fee that continues to grow an average of almost 5% yearly and silently cost every S.C household more than $500 a year. Included in the proposed reforms is a portal run through the S.C.'s Secretary of States office, standardized forms, and changing from gross revenue to net.

    The Business License Ad Hoc Subcommittee has a meeting scheduled this coming week to take up this bill.

    Roll Back Taxes

    Currently land classified for agriculture use is taxed at a lower level than commercial and residential land but when this land is converted to residential or commercial usage the new owner is forced to pay roll-back taxes. The newly acquired or reclassified property is then taxed based upon the full value previously determined by the county, and five years of "roll-back" taxes are due. Rep. Steven Long (RSpartanburg) introduced legislation that would limit the roll-back tax penalty to one year instead of the last five years when converting agriculture property to residential or commercial use.

    The bill is on the Senate floor where it is waiting to be taken up once the Senate finishes discussing Education.

    S.C. Building Codes Reform

    The HBASC has worked with a number of groups to create the South Carolina Building Codes bill. This state specific code would allow for a more efficient and effective code adoption process. The new code would be tailored to the safety and affordability of homeowners in South Carolina. A S.C. Building Codes would save homeowners thousands of dollars from unnecessary and frequent changes and allow for improved efficiency for builders, tradesmen, code officials and inspectors. The S.C. Building Codes bill would allow S.C. to join a national movement to a six year code adoption cycle from the current three year cycle.

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    Click on the Image to view the report in a pdf file

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